Reveille Memorial Library

Reveille UMC

The Reveille Memorial Library contains books in all non-fiction categories, including biography and audiovisual materials. Many resources are available for Bible study, teacher/leader development, and personal enrichment. 

Librarian Carol Ann Estes

The Reveille Memorial Library is pleased to announce that Carol Ann Estes will be our librarian. Carol Ann has an impressive background with 16 years of experience including high school, community college, and county library positions  and a position at the Library of Virginia. As a child, she even organized her family’s books by subject!   

The Book Exchange Cart

A new feature of the Reveille Memorial Library is the Book Exchange Cart containing a selection of fiction, prayer, and religious books. You are invited to visit the cart, located outside of the library, and select any books that interest you. You may either return the book to the cart or pass it on to a friend. We also encourage you to contribute books to the cart that are fiction with a good life lesson, or prayer and religious books.

Photos of the Library Needed

Do you have photos of the Reveille Memorial Library before it was renovated? If so, please send them to Sally Boykin.

Library Opens June 9 | Sign Up to Help

After an extensive renovation, the Reveille Memorial Library will reopen on June 9. The Library Committee is looking for members who might be interested in volunteering in the library.  Please contact Sally Boykin for more information about helping in the library.