Sunday Evening Schedule

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Revised Sunday Evening Schedule | Begins September 9
Starting September 9, our revised Sunday evening schedule will allow youth to participate in instrumental ensemble at 4:00 pm, youth handbells at 4:20 pm, and then an age-specific approach to youth group, youth choir, and children’s music ministries (including dinner). 

Our team went through a lengthy communal discernment process - involving clergy and staff, music team, youth council, and children's council - to set forth a schedule that we believe will result in better opportunities for our youth and children (see below). 

In addition, Sunday evening supper will be served to children (cost is $3) and youth (cost is $5). Make payments

Sunday Evening Schedule
September – May

4:30-6:30 Adult study opportunities | Adult Class Information and Registration
Children and Youth Evening Schedule (September 2018-May 
4:00 pm
Instrumental Ensemble (Sanctuary)
4:20 pm
Youth Handbells (Sanctuary)
4:45 pm
High School Choir (Choir Room)
Middle School Youth Group (Youth Center)
Elementary Choir script rehearsals when needed (Chapel)
5:00 pm
Elementary Bells (Sanctuary)
Primary Choir (Chapel)
Cherub Choir (Room 106)
5:15 pm
Cherub Choir Dinner (Fellowship Hall)
5:40 pm
High School Dinner (Fellowship Hall)
Middle School Dinner (Fellowship Hall)
5:45 pm
Elementary Dinner (Fellowship Hall)
Primary Bells (Sanctuary)
Cherub Choir (Chapel)
6:05 pm
Middle School Choir (Choir Room)
High School Youth Group (Youth Center)
6:15 pm
Elementary Choir (Chapel)
Primary Choir Dinner (Fellowship Hall)
Cherub Choir Playtime (Room 106)
7:00 pm Everyone goes home
Youth Group Details